Darth Vader (1977, telescoping light saber)

This is my favorite “Star Wars” toy in my collection.  Although it is a bit dusty, it has barely been played with, and so the limbs are stiff and the telescoping light saber is in great condition and easily remains in place when it is in the retracted position.  My father went through a lot of trouble to find me this toy back in the late 70s.


Darth Vader (1977, telescoping light saber)


Princess Leia and Wicket the Ewok (Princess Leia Collection)

Princess Leia has cloth clothing and synthetic hair.  You can actually lift up her skirt to get some action from this action figure.  Wicket has a hood to cover his head, but not a stitch for his genitals.  What a culture!


Leia and Wicket, 1997, Hasbro, Kenner

Princess Leia and Han Solo (Princess Leia Collection)

This is probably the only collection (there are 4 in the set) of action figures back in the 1990s that used cloth as part of the figures’ clothing.  This one is from a scene from “The Empire Strikes Back,” the best Star Wars movie; screenplay not written by George Lucas.   Coincidence?  I think not.


From the Princess Leia Collection, 1997, Hasbro, Kenner